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Meet the community - Wiktoria and her Secrid

Meet the Secrid Community! We'd like to introduce you to the people who make up our community.

"I got my Secrid Cardprotector from my mother as a present. I'm always with my head in the clouds and super chaotic, because of this I always lost my cards. The Cardprotector is the perfect gift to keep my cards safely together. Since then I have never lost my cards again. I also like good design and how that is reflected in the cardprotector. It is the perfect combination of function and design."

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Wiktoria Braniewicz

Wiktoria Braniewicz

26 – Interior Designer

Cardprotector: Brown

Age Cardprotector: 2 years

Anouk Moerman ⁠⁠

Secrid Cardprotector Sand front

Original Sand



  • community secrid wallets original
  • community secrid wallets original
Cardprotector Sand