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Secrid is
a B Corp

Secrid believes that a brand can only be successful when as many people as possible are part of the success.

B what! B Corp means Benefit Corporations and is a worldwide movement of companies that belong to the best performing in the field of social and environmental responsibility. We are proud of the fact that Secrid is now a B Corp. This is not the end of the road for us, but a milestone on the road we have been travelling since we started.

B Corporations are companies that use business as a force for good. While too many companies strive only to make as much profit as possible at all costs, B Corporations primarily look at the consequences for people, nature and the planet.

We believe a brand is only truly successful when that success is shared with others. For us, success is not expressed in profit, but in the successful spread of our mission: the insight that change starts in your own pocket. With a small object we strive for impact on a large scale, by showing others that they have the power to change the world. A wave is the result of many ripples.

With a small object we strive for impact on a large scale.

Our care for the environment

In our view, the right balance between people, animals and the environment is essential. For this reason, for example, we set up our production chain in the Netherlands in 2009, totally against the trend. Together with our suppliers, including social work organizations, we have developed our own production processes, allowing us to compete with Chinese factories in a clean and responsible way. Having ourselves certified as a B Corp was a logical next step.

However, this is a snapshot, a successful benchmark for our company. We know where we stand now and we are mapping out our path to a sustainable and social future in which we achieve an even better balance between people and planet.