karel van t wout secrid wallet

Meet the community - Karel and his Secrid

"I've had my Secrid for years, I really can't live without it. I even have my name and phone number engraved on the inside so that if I lose it, people can give it back to me. I got my Miniwallet from my son Karel, I think it was six or seven years ago. It is such a useful product and I use it every day. Every morning I take it out and every evening I put it away again. That way I always know where to find it. I hope to enjoy my beautiful Miniwallet for many years to come."

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karel van 't wout

Karel van ‘t Wout

94 – Former furniture store owner

Miniwallet Vintage Black

Owned 6,5 years

Anouk Moerman ⁠⁠

Secrid Miniwallet Vintage Black front

Vintage Black



  • meet the community karel van 't wout
  • meet the community karel van 't wout
Miniwallet Vintage Black