jerrie bhürmann secrid wallet

Meet the community - Jerrie and his Secrid

Meet the Secrid Community! We'd like to introduce you to the people who make up our community.

"I came into contact with Secrid through a friend. He was one of the first to have one and showed it to me. I thought it was a cool and useful product and bought one myself. It's been 10.5 years now and I still love my Cardprotector every day. I have never even thought about replacing it. I still like the design and the colour and it still works perfectly. If the day ever comes that it needs to be replaced, I would choose the same model: the Cardprotector Black."

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jerrie buhrmann

Jerrie Bührmann

27 – Designer

Cardprotector Black

Age Cardprotector: 10,5 years

Anouk Moerman ⁠⁠

Secrid Cardprotector Black front

Original Black



  • jerrie bhürmann secrid wallet
  • jerrie bhürmann secrid wallet
Cardprotector Black