A better world starts in your pocket
A better world starts in your pocket

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Dutch wallet makers since 1995

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Since the start of the Secrid journey 27 years ago, we have continued to merge our backgrounds in fashion and product design to create pocket-sized essentials, right here in the Netherlands.

How it all started

The Cardprotector launched in 2009, but our Secrid journey started over a decade earlier. In the 1990s, we were running our design agency Spirid, when we noticed a shift in the content of our pockets as the first electronic payment systems were introduced in the Netherlands. In 1995, as cash made way for cards, we created our first minimal wallet: the Secrid Bodycard.

Design work for clients such as ING, Maxi Cosi and Quooker remained our focus professionally, but Secrid was always at the back of our minds as we noticed our pockets undergoing a change again in the early 2000s. While smartphones put the world at our fingertips, almost all essential documents shrank to pocket size. We carried less, but what we carried was held dearer than ever before.

The financial crisis hit Europe in 2008 and work from our clients dried up. With 25 years’ experience of working and living together, we felt this was the moment to follow our dream of building our own brand with a vision to change the way people view their pockets. It was then that Secrid shifted from a side project to our main focus.

Since the start of the Secrid journey 27 years ago, we have continued to merge our backgrounds in fashion and product design to create pocket-sized essentials, right here in the Netherlands. We are honoured to have won awards and even more by being able to see the number of happy Secrid fans grow throughout the years. Today, our products can be found in over 8.500 selected stores worldwide while we work together with our three children and more than 100 colleagues in a renovated industrial warehouse: a big family home serving as a creative centre for new pocket-sized products and services. We are proud to be B Corp since 2022, a milestone on the path we have been on since the start of Secrid in 2009.

We have many more milestones. Check out the complete timeline for all our milestones. That starts in 1979 when the founders met.

  • secrid about wallets pasjeshouder
  • secrid about wallets pasjeshouder
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Secrid’s Mission

In 2009, Secrid introduced its first Cardprotector. In addition to being surprisingly handy, it is also beautiful and magical. Behind this pocketwear from Secrid lies a new world. A practical and innovative product line which has received multiple international awards for its quality and innovative features. Millions of people around the world have been using them daily for years.

But most importantly, we want people to discover how much influence their consumer behaviour has, because with every purchase, a piece of the world changes. We link this awareness to our products. With Secrid, you're carrying something good: an ethical product that is socially and sustainably produced, long-lasting and should the need arise repairable.

As a consumer you have more power than you think, because with every purchase you make, you influence the industry. Our products are therefore not only practical, but also an inspiration to consume in a more conscious way. With an eye for the world and the people around us.

Industrial design and fashion come together in our pocket-sized essentials. Made in the Netherlands, with the greatest care for quality, people and the environment. Secrid prioritises personal, lasting relationships with our retailers, suppliers and customers. Our core principle is that the entire production and distribution chain is a way to make a positive impact on the industry and on people, through local production and assembly in sheltered workshops. Secrid maintains high standards of quality and sustainability, and by working locally with specialist suppliers we are able to raise those standards even higher each year. Because we are fully committed to the challenge of delivering the best quality.

A community build on creativity driven by values
A community build on creativity driven by values

Our company is driven by creativity, interest in people and a holistic approach to sustainability. This has led to our new vision of product development. We call it the Industrial Evolution. The general guideline is simple: every new product must be better than the previous ones. When all consumers start demanding this of companies, the world will change for the better. With products that last longer and contribute to sustainability. Big changes happen in small steps, one after the other. Drops become rivers. Everyone contributes to this. A better world starts in your pocket.

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  • We care about our people
    We care about our people

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  • European

    Our leather hides are chosen with
    utmost care for labour standards
    and the environment.

  • Carbon

    We can proudly say that we have been a CO2 compensated company since 2009 and a CO2 neutral company since 2022.

  • made in

    Our products are made in Holland (EU) and are assembled in social enterprises.

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