Care & Repair - for your wallet
Care & Repair - for your wallet

Repairing is better than replacing.
See here how to take care of your wallet.

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Taking care of your wallet
Taking care of your wallet

  • A detail of a Secrid cardprotector

    Cardprotector care

    The Cardprotector is made of anodised aluminium, plastic and stainless steel and is impervious to water.

    You can clean the Cardprotector with a soft cloth and soap and rinse it with warm water. However, the salt in seawater can affect the metals, so we recommend rinsing the Cardprotector with fresh water after contact with salt water. Make sure the mechanism is dry before using your wallet again.

    • Leather Care

      Leather care

      No regular maintenance needed. If your wallet gets dirty, the best way to clean it will depend on the type of leather the wallet is made of.

        Water repellent

        Use a damp cloth. The leather is unlikely to absorb water or other materials. Do not use any polish.

        • Diamond

        Water absorbing

        We recommend not cleaning them. Any water used may change its color. If your wallet gets wet, use a soft cloth to carefully pat it dry.

        • Original Leather
        • Vintage Leather
        • Metallic

    care & repair secrid wallets

    Repair don't replace - for planet and pocket
    Repair don't replace - for planet and pocket

    Care for climate

    Frequently asked questions

    Tips and tricks

    • Starting a payment with NFC

      Keep your cards protected

      By revealing only a portion of the cards, the sensitivity for the radio signal is substantially reduced but sufficient for contact over short distances.

    • Cardprotector contactless illustration

      Easy contactless payments

      Use the card at the back for contactless payment without taking it out of your wallet. This way you can pay even faster and more securely, because the card is also protected during use.

    • An open Secrid miniwallet showing the hidden cards inside

      Keeping business cards

      The Cardprotector is not suitable for paper cards, because they can jam the mechanism. However, your Miniwallet provide space for paper cards, cash and receipts.

    • A woman holding a Miniwallet closest to his pocket

      Carry it in the front

      It fits easily. Carrying a wallet in your back pocket can lead to an incorrect seated position, which can result in back problems and inflammation of muscles or nerves.

    • Holding 4 to 6 cards

      Holding 4 to 6 cards

      The higher the number of cards with embossed details, the fewer cards the Cardprotector can hold in total. Its mechanism also works with just one card.

    • repair secrid wallet

      Best way to hold banknotes

      In spite of their compact size, our wallets can hold a surprisingly large number of notes, using two methods.

    care & repair secrid wallets

    Care & repair points

    Drop by if your wallet doesn’t work as intended or can simply use a fixer-upper. Most Care & repair points can take care of common issues in about 10-15 min.

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