Support in reporting a wrongdoing within our organisation.

Incidents occur in every organisation. When such an incident has a major or social impact, it is called misconduct. Our whistleblowing policy is designed as a confidential space for reporting wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing that is related to Secrid's supply chain, such as when someone encounters behavior that is unethical, illegal or in violation of our Code of Conduct.

Everyone can express their concerns or ask for advice using this digital form. Remaining anonymous in the process is possible, however, take in consideration we can’t contact you for questions or follow up afterwards. Reports of misconduct are handled confidentially and all parties (including the accused) are protected from retaliation.

We have appointed an independent employee to confidentially assess and handle the nature of the abuse(s) to ensure that appropriate and adequate measures are taken to address the situation. If you are not sure whether your report concerns misconduct, it is also possible to first seek advice from our confidential advisor using the same form.

Whistleblowing FAQ