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Chipolo Card Spot
Chipolo Card Spot

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Always find your Secrid wallet with Chipolo's credit card shaped tracker.

Meet the Chipolo CARD Spot. The best tracker for your Secrid wallet due to its credit card shape and use of the Apple Find My network. A brilliant add-on to our pocket-sized essentials.

The recurring inconvenience of losing keys is what initially caused seven Slovenian friends to come up with the idea of a tracker. In 2013, this resulted in the kickstart of Chipolo. Today, Chipolo has evolved into a globally represented brand that shares our commitment of producing locally within the EU. Chipolo’s mission is to give every item the power to be found.

Whilst our wallets protect you from NFC/RFID skimming, the Chipolo CARD Spot enables you to always find your wallet. Chipolo offers Secrid users a 10% discount on a Chipolo CARD Spot through our referral program.

The Chipolo CARD Spot

Chipolo Card Spot
Chipolo Card Spot

  • Works with Apple Find My

    Receive notifications, play a loud sound, or locate your Secrid via the Apple Find My network.

  • Long battery life

    The Chipolo CARD Spot lasts up to 2 years. After life, it can be renewed through Chipolo's Recycle & Renew program.

  • Water Resistant

    Thanks to its IPX5 waterproof rating, rainy days are of no concern to the Chipolo CARD Spot.

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