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header premium collection 2023 secrid wallets
header premium collection 2023 secrid wallets

Meet the Premium Collection; the iconic Secrid wallet, evolved in all details. For those who want the highest standards of design, craftmanship and sustainability.

secrid premium 2023 collection

Evolved in all details

After a successful introduction we extended our Premium Collection with three new groups, Emboss Diamond, Basco and Stitch Floral. We also styled our Emboss Lines collection in two new colours, Cognac and Teal-blue.

We now offer a wide range of Small, Slim- and Twinwallets in our Premium Collection, both masculine and feminine, in warm colour tones and with different finishes.

A new eye-catching metal lever and diamond-pattern bottom; elevating our signature patented mechanism. Soft European leather with a new flat closure button emphasizing the sleek profile of our wallets. Each detail of the wallet has been selected with the utmost care and evolved to the highest quality, resulting in premium pocketwear. With a five-year guarantee.

First Metal Lever

Our eye-catching metal lever is made from durable stainless-steel and especially crafted for this collection. It is the next evolutionary step for our patented Secrid mechanism. The metal lever also magnifies the iconic Secrid click as your cards are revealed.

Secrid Premium Miniwallet Emboss Diamond Black front

Emboss Black



Emboss Lines & Diamond

Stitch Floral

  • secrid premium 2023 collection


secrid premium 2023 collection

The Premium Collection

The highest standards of design, craftsmanship, and sustainability have progressed into the Premium Collection. Every detail of this collection has been meticulously considered, resulting in prime products after years of research. A Secrid selection that features a new look and feel while championing responsible production processes, the Premium Collection is an upscale take on our iconic designs — evolved in all details.

With all-new designs, refined production methods, and innovative materials, we have reimagined our product. Starting from a desire to do right by our customers as well as our environment, the Premium Collection offers the best of both. For those who want the best, for themselves and our world.

Made in Holland: Responsible Luxury

Responsibility is at the heart of Secrid's products, as well as our mission — and has been, for 28 years. We design our products with attention and respect for everyone involved; our customers, suppliers, employees, and the environment.

That is why we work exclusively with European suppliers, reducing transportation CO2 emissions costs and environmental impact. Our pocketwear is assembled in the Netherlands, in Dutch sheltered workshops that ensure fair pay and employee well-being.

Investing in European craftsmanship is important to us, and it is this commitment to European artisans that has brought the Premium Collection into being.

Secrid Premium Miniwallet Dusk Olive front

Dusk Olive