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Secrid X Freitag

Over the years, we’ve found many solutions to drastically reduce waste, but sometimes you need a bit of serendipity for everything to fall into place. When FREITAG invited us to their HQ, we knew it was a match.

freitag x secrid wallets before
freitag x secrid wallets after
Finding new purpose.

Finding a new purpose

A minuscule scratch or uneven finishing on the aluminium makes a tiny percentage of our Cardprotectors unfit for regular collections. Together with the masters of upcycling, the imperfections on the aluminium are beautifully covered using a nanolaser. The design shows a close-up of the road between our two headquarters in Zürich and The Hague.

Freitag x Secrid wallet

Zürich meets The Hague

We have combined the upcycled Cardprotectors with used truck tarps to create a new distinctive wallet. The unique method of production and design makes the F705 SECRID × FREITAG wallet different from our characteristic Slimwallet styles. The new interior has a redesigned Moneyflap and enough space for extra cards, receipts and even a good-luck charm or key. As always, the Cardprotector provides easy access and protection.

About Freitag

FREITAG was founded in 1993 by two brothers who were looking for a functional, water-repellent bag, but didn’t find one that fitted their needs. Inspired by the traffic passing their Zürich apartment, they decided to make it themselves and created bags out of discarded truck tarpaulins, bicycle tubes and car seat belts. Remarkable bags made from materials that would otherwise have been thrown away, making them not only one of a kind but also sustainable.