bandwallet secrid

bandwallet secrid
bandwallet secrid

The Bandwallet is slim and secure with a special engineered elastic band, keeping everything tightly in place. A combination of long-lasting materials and innovative techniques.


A film by Secrid: TPU - Studio Joris de Groot

TPU Bandwallet

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Bandwallet Sheltersuit

bandwallet secrid

People helping people

“Everything that provides us with comfort in our home, people living outside deserve to experience as well. And that starts with the most basic thing: warmth.” These are the words of Bas Timmer, founder of Sheltersuit Foundation. The foundation distributes sheltersuits (jackets with a zip-on sleeping bag) and shelter bags (a tent with mattress) to people who are forced to sleep on the street. A service which is desperately needed. More than 150 million people around the world live on the streets and are at risk of becoming ill or even freezing to death.

A serious and at the same time invisible problem. Secrid supports Sheltersuit Foundation to further spread the story of homelessness. Together with Sheltersuit Foundation we have developed an exclusive wallet, made from upcycled aluminium Card Protectors. The Secrid x Sheltersuit wallet is the Bandwallet you know and love, but with the important message that we want to help those who need it. That is why the wallet is engraved with the words: People Helping People. From every wallet sold we donate 10 euros to Sheltersuit Foundation.

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