Secrid believes a better world starts in our pockets. More than ever, we need to slow things down and choose the right products. Instead of going for an abundance of products with short lifespans, we need to focus on sustainable goods created for longevity. We asked Award-winning Dutch spoken word artist Elten Kiene to find the right words to inspire this change. He wrote the poem ‘It Applies To Us All’ a journey through his own dilemmas.

“for change
we must dare to act differently
and perhaps better
define for ourselves
what the value is
of success’’

Let’s commit to responsible consumption. Together we can create change.

Say no to Black Friday

This year, on a day we call Green Friday, we stand together with Freitag and other like-mined brands to inspire you. With various initiatives and constructive actions we welcome you to join us in making the right choices and inspiring others to do so as well. We are in this together.⁠

Secrid will be offering free repairs in our Care&Repair points. Because making sure products last a long time does not stop the moment products are being displayed in a store. Apart from products being designed to last, they should also be easy to maintain and, if needed, able to be repaired. By repairing your products instead of replacing them, we reduce our impact on the environment.

The bag makers at Freitag are closing their online store and getting people to swap bags instead. Flamingos life, known for their vegan sneakers, are likewise closing their online store for the day. The soapmakers at Soeder are calling on their customers to refill without waste. The sustainable surf and yoga clothing pros, Oy, are also closing their online store and calling for donations instead. The folding bike pioneer Brompton is offering a free bike hire in the UK to encourage riding instead of spending.