Leather as canvas, thread as paint

The Stitch collection embodies our passion for style and mastery of different production techniques. A beautiful leather canvas combined with detailed embroidery.

Secrid Stitch Magnolia proces
Secrid Stitch Magnolia details
Secrid Miniwallet Stitch Magnolia Black

A canvas for craftsmanship

Our journey started by finding the proper canvas. After sourcing the right leather, we chose to work with local masters Van Dongen met de Kroon, a Dutch family business that has been making quality embroidery since 1780.
The detailed needlework brings the Stitch styles to life. The combination of the right threads, needle sizes and leather types are the ingredients for wallets that not only look good but have the feeling to match.”

Secrid Miniwallet Stitch Magnolia Petrollio
Secrid Miniwallet Stitch Magnolia Petrolio proces

Balance of opposites

Touching smartphone glass day in, day out made us long for a more pleasurable feel. Inspired by the balance of opposites, the designs represent the experience of getting back in touch with our physical senses.