Five centuries of Made in Holland

Old masters and modern techniques come together in this exclusive collection designed for the Rijksmuseum. These Cardprotectors are made in Holland and decorated with art from the museum. A piece of Dutch heritage in your pocket.

Secrid Cardprotector Grachtenpandjes Titanium
Secrid Cardprotector Grachtenpandjes Titanium
Cardprotector Grachtenpandjes Titanium

Collection of ‘The Houses and Buildings along the Keizers and Heeren-Grachten of the City of Amsterdam’

Caspar Jacobsz. Philips, 1768 - 1771

Caspar Jacobsz Philips, an 18th-century engraver and architectural historian, was best known for his drawings of Amsterdam canal houses. Precision etching representing typical Dutch architecture.

Secrid Cardprotector Rembrandt Silver
Secrid Cardprotector Rembrandt Silver
Cardprotector Rembrandt Silver

Self-portrait in a Cap, Wide-eyed and Open-mouthed

Rembrandt van Rijn, 1630

Of all Rembrandt’s self-portraits, this one might be the most engaging. The most renowned painter in Dutch history looks startled, with pursed lips and wide-open eyes.

Secrid Cardprotector Tulip Bordeaux
Secrid Cardprotector Tulip Bordeaux
Cardprotector Tulip Bordeaux

Tulip with Caterpillar

Jacob Marrel, 1637 - 1645

Since they first arrived in Holland in the 16th century, tulips have been an important symbol. The 'Tulip with Caterpillar' drawing is a piece of Jacob Marrel’s Tulpenboek.

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