Secrid × Lufthansa

From Business Class headrest to upcycled wallet

After our FREITAG collab, we’re delighted to be part of another upcycling project. German airline Lufthansa asked us to help them find a new use for their unusable materials.

Last year, Lufthansa updated their corporate branding, saying goodbye to their traditional blue-and-yellow logo. Redesigning the look of a globally operating airline is a mammoth operation. Changes needed to be made to everything from airport check-in desks to the uniforms of thousands of crew members and of course the aircraft themselves. As a result, a large amount of materials with the old logo could no longer be used.

Cabin equipment turned into travel accessories.
No need to waste materials, it’s a matter of finding a new purpose.

Lufthansa asked us whether we would be interested in helping them give the old materials a new life. We were excited and happy to use creativity as a force for good.

“It’s a great feeling transforming old material into something new.”

We found the right materials for our wallets in the Business Class headrest covers. Upcycling this material meant taking apart 1,450 headrests, manually cutting out the Miniwallet shapes and reassembling the pieces to form the new wallet. As a final step, each wallet has been individually numbered. As always, the products are assembled and packaged by our colleagues at the sheltered enterprise.

Adding the press stud closure is one of the last steps in production.
The limited-edition Secrid x Lufthansa Miniwallet made from former headrest covers.

Lufthansa’s design team has done a great job repurposing their durable materials and made an entire upcycled collection. See Ronja, our supply-chain coordinator, star in Lufthansa’s promotional video below.

To get your hands on this limited-edition Miniwallet and the rest of Lufthansa’s Upcycling Collection, visit their website.