Our team

Driven by our values

With an average age of 29, our team is young and energetic. We are a diverse family of over 100 colleagues, with wide-ranging areas of focus. For us, character is just as important as diplomas and work experience. Our team is built on personalities. All of us have different backgrounds but are connected through creativity, humility and respect.

Secrid | our team at the Secrid HQ
Secrid HQ
Secrid | our team at the Secrid HQ

Our achievements are only valuable when we can share them. Every day we enjoy a freshly cooked lunch and take a moment to unwind and connect. At quarterly events we share our work, tackle challenges and celebrate accomplishments. Our excellent coffee in the espresso bar is not only a great start to the day; it has been at the centre of the organisation for 8 years now.

Secrid team values