Medical face masks

From wallets
to face masks

During the corona crisis, the world has been reminded of the value of local production. In close cooperation with Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft, toolmaking company Madern and our leather atelier Made in Holland in Vlaardingen, we have developed new stitching tools to convert our production line. Together we are now making 10,000 face masks a week to protect medical staff.

Like so many people, we saw the world come to a standstill in mid-March. While healthcare workers were on serious overtime, most of our suppliers had empty production floors and idle machines. We decided to make our experience of over a decade of local production matter.

Producing medical face masks
Medical face masks proces

Together with toolmakers Madern and many volunteers, Reinier de Graaf had already started making face masks to guarantee the hospital’s own supply, but struggled to keep up with the high demand. Making goods close to home is not easy.

“We believe creativity and collaboration makes local production not only possible but highly impactful.”

At Secrid we have always favoured local production for the best quality, working conditions and environmental standards. Over a decade of experience producing here in Holland gave us the expertise and partnerships to help the hospital. We quickly customised our regular wallet tooling to make masks, speeding up production significantly.

The first face-mask tooling was made in just a day and we have been testing it in partnership with the medical experts ever since. The ‘coffee filter’ form turned out to be the safest and most efficient using the material provided by the hospital.

Face masks prototypes

Each face mask is thoroughly checked and individually packed by Reinier de Graaf hospital. After the masks have been put in a special 72-hour quarantine to kill all bacteria and viruses, they can be used by the medical staff.

In a one-month pressure cooker, we were able to finalise tooling and scale up production. With adjustments to the work environment, all the staff at leather atelier Made in Holland are back to work, machines are running and materials for many masks are on the way.

Stitching face masks
Result face masks

We aim to prove that creativity and collaboration can make local production not only possible but impactful as well. It’s our small contribution for those in our society who make the greatest difference.

Reinier de Graaf medical staff wearing the face masks.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who are making this project possible:

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