Made in Holland

A better world starts in your pocket

By 2009 the leather industry had practically abandoned the Netherlands in favour of low-income countries. We brought this industry back to our home country. By developing a radically different product and production process, wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands. More efficiently and cleaner than ever, in a quantity never before seen in our tiny country.

Close cooperation with our 50 suppliers is therefore very important: from the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen to the social enterprise in Leiden. Producing in favourable conditions and with due care for the environment, we have already created more than 200 jobs in the Netherlands.

Watch our Aluminium and Leather films to get a sense of how we turn raw billets of aluminium and high quality cowhides into Secrid wallets.



Every day, close to 100 people assemble our products enthusiastically and with great precision at social enterprises in Leiden, Delft and Haarlem. Together with these colleagues, we are constantly developing the tools and processes to maintain the quality of the product and the working conditions. After all the various components have been assembled, every wallet receives its unique serial number as proof of authenticity.

Image of social enterprise
Image of social enterprise
Social enterprise assemble our products