Inspired by denim, dipped to perfect shades of blue

Although indigo dye has been around for 6,000 years, applying this denim look to leather is not as simple as it may seem. Our partners at ECCO Leather invested two years in redeveloping this age-old craft. Together we’ve created our first true indigo wallets.

Dyeing with indigo is a unique process as it doesn’t naturally bond with material. In a special bath the indigo molecules are separated from their oxygen so that they stick temporarily to the leather.

The primary use for indigo powder is as a dye for cotton yarn, mainly for the production of denim.
The dye bath requires several chemical manipulations to trick the indigo into sticking to leather.

When our submerged leather is removed from the dye bath, the indigo quickly combines with oxygen in the air to trap its intense colour.

Dyeing with indigo is a unique process as the powder isn’t soluble in water and doesn’t naturally bond with the material.

With each dip in the indigo bath, the colour intensifies. Our Indigo wallets are named after the amount of dips that are necessary to create that characteristic shade. Once the right colour level has been achieved, the excess dye is washed away.