A place to make dreams come true

The first Secrid Brandstore

Hello Rotterdam. The first Secrid Brandstore has opened its doors on the Meent. This has been a dream of ours since the start of Secrid. Exactly ten years after the launch of the Cardprotector, the dream has become reality.

"A playground of inspiration, for others and ourselves."

The Brandstore carries more than merely all Secrid collections. We’ll show you how Secrid products are made and give you the opportunity to personalise a wallet. As we believe sustainability starts with products made to last, wallets can also be repaired free of charge.

The Brandstore has more than the complete collection. It also shows how Secrid products are put together and offers the possibility to choose from unique colour combinations - with the Cardprotector and the leather - and personalise your Secrid with a laser engraving or change the button to another colour or metal.

Because we believe sustainability starts with the longevity of our products, our Brandstore also offers repairs. Sustainability [hyperlink] is at the heart of Secrid. We produce in the Netherlands, assemble in social workshops and compensate our Co2 emissions. The fact that we became a B Corp in 2022 was a logical next step.

Secrid Brandstore choices
Secrid Brandstore window
Secrid Brandstore inside
Secrid Brandstore Repair & Customise corner

Praktische informatie

Create a completely unique Secrid with a choice of Cardprotector, buttons and leather. For this we also use sample leather to produce less waste. These are unique samples that have never been released on the market and are also not in the current collection.

Engrave your Secrid Cardprotector for a unique look. This is done while you wait, starting at €5.

In the Secrid Brandstore we repair your Secrid while you wait. The repair of the Cardprotector is free of charge. The leather can be replaced for as little as €28.

Retail yourself

By running a shop ourselves now, we hope to learn more about this exciting profession and the profound changes currently taking place in the retail landscape worldwide.

The Brandstore is a spacious meeting spot in a busy location, where we can meet and talk to lots of shoppers every day. All the insights we gain here are used to improve products and shop displays. In this way, we hope to serve our existing retailers even better in the future.

Small Matters

We hope that the Secrid Brandstore will fulfil a connecting role for the neighbourhood and that it will inspire people further to make conscious choices. We happen to believe that all our little actions together can make a big difference. Small Matters.

See you soon

Visit the Secrid Brandstore in Rotterdam to view the entire collection, get personal advice and personalize or repair your wallet.

Regular opening hours:
Mon 12:00 - 17:00
Tue - Sat 10:00 - 17:00
Sun 12:00 - 17:00

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the Brandstore.

Secrid Brandstore on the Meent 2 Rotterdam