Becoming a B corp

An evolution of business - better for people, communities and the environment

B what! B Corps, which stands for Benefit Corporations is a worldwide movement of companies that belong to the best performing in the field of social and environmental responsibility. That sounds good, right? We thought so too, and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of becoming part of this movement at the end of 2021 and thus becoming certified.

What is a B Corp?

In short, a B Corp is a company that does not strive to make as much profit as possible at all costs, like most companies, but strives to make profit without having a negative impact on people, animals and the environment. As B Lab, the organisation behind B Corps, describes it, B Corporations are companies that use Business as a Force for Good.

Why does Secrid want to become a B Corp?

Secrid believes that a brand can only be truly successful when as many people as possible are part of the success. The right balance between people, animals and the environment is essential. For this reason, in 2009, Secrid set up its production chain in the Netherlands, against the established trends. Together with our suppliers and social work organisations, we develop and produce high-quality products in a clean, local and responsible manner. To measure how successful we really are as a brand, we decided to get certified.

How do you become a B Corp?

In order to become certified as a B Corp, it is not enough to have nice speeches and intentions. Your company has to go through an extensive assessment in which, together with the B Corp Assessment Team, you carefully examine your company in five areas:






Everything you enter into this assessment must be backed up by hard data, so that you can prove that you are actually doing it. When you have scored enough points in the B Corp Assessment, these results will be published so that everyone can see how well companies are scoring on the five themes mentioned above. Finally, every B Corp will go through the assessment again every 3 years to ensure that improvements are constantly being made.