How Martin crafted something special

With thirty years of experience, Dutch tanner Martin Antheunisse develops new types of leather exclusively for Secrid. By using a hard carnauba wax, Dutch Martin leather is made scratch-resistant and water-repellant. The deep, natural gloss of the leather gets even more beautiful over time.

Secrid visiting FREITAG HQ in Zürich.

Honouring the old, embracing the new

Martin uses various tanning techniques, provided it serves his goal: enhancing the natural beauty of the material. He has been experimenting with new ways of finishing leather since his teens. “Shortly after I started I got a crash course in leather finishing. I immediately loved it. The mixing… the experimenting… Getting the perfect look is all about finding the right balance.”

A new place

When Martin moved into his new workspace, all he needed was a hydraulic press, used for embossing the leather. He bought one at an auction and restored it himself. “The real deal, indestructible”, he says. “You could say I treated this machine the same way I treat my leather. Honouring the old, but embracing the new. It truly is a beautiful combination.”