Wallets that look
and feel good

Our Stitch collection is all about combining the best leather with the most beautiful embroidery. This results in wallets that not only look good but also have the feeling to match.

There is so much craftsmanship in our stitched wallets. And we’re closely involved in the whole process: from the initial design right up to production. Endless sketching of the form. Experimenting with several layers of threads. Until we achieve the perfect result.

Finding the perfect combination of threads, pattern and leather.
Our designers Jacqueline and Babs in the embroidery workshop.

Leather as a canvas

We started our journey by finding the proper canvas for the embroidery. It wasn’t easy, but we found a family business in Tuscany which is one of only a few tanneries that works with the traditional process of vegetable tanning at a high level.

They process cowhides using leaves, bark and fruit instead of chemicals. This produces beautiful high-quality leather with a characteristic surface finish that becomes richer through use and provides the perfect canvas for our embroidered dessins.

Embroidery is an art we almost lost in Holland to low-wage countries.

High-tech craftsmanship

Embroidery is an art we almost lost in Holland to low-wage countries. We chose to work with a Dutch company for our embroidery to make sure we keep this type of craftsmanship here in Holland for many years to come.

With almost 10 stitches per second, the Stitch styles come to life with high-quality detailed needlework, in multiple layers of threads. Bringing together the right thread colours, needle sizes and leather types makes for a beautiful combination.

Miniwallet Stitch Linea Caramello.
Miniwallet Stitch Magnolia Petrolio.

Linea and Magnolia

The Stitch collection comes in two dessins. The Linea reflects the popularity of checked patterns, with the lines contrasting and complementing the leather. The Magnolia provides a pleasant contrast to the hard materials of devices we hold in our hands each day.

With a nanolaser, we have engraved the surface of our Cardprotector with an abstraction of the Linea and Magnolia dessins to extend the style throughout the entire wallet.

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