Update Corona (COVID-19)

What does the world need?

People's well-being is our top priority. If we want to make sure the coronavirus slows down, we need as many people as possible to stay at home, to stay safe. All of our 140 colleagues are working from home. We are digitally connected with each other, with our 8,000 retail partners and the Secrid community. This is our humble contribution to the fight against the coronavirus.

We aren’t in a state of panic, but of familiarity. In 2009, Secrid started in the midst of a severe recession. In that year we had no means to take any action. Today, more than 10 years later, the situation is different and we don’t have to change our course drastically. We must, however, sharpen our strategy and come out stronger together.

"Dealing with a crisis is not new to us and we have a great community to face it with."

Nobody knows what the future will bring. We’re investigating different scenarios to help us prepare as much as possible. In recent years our growth has been remarkable, but this year we are preparing for a significant decline. Despite all this, we are actually very grateful for the reflection that we are now forced into. No continuous running between trade fairs and non-stop collection changes. Back to the question at heart: what does the world need?

Time for reflection

The situation asks us to limit our movements to the bare essentials. This means we have more time to be mindful and to actually feel what things mean and do to us. We can consciously use the extra time to focus our attention and energy on personal growth. It’s up to us whether we obsessively follow the latest news or instead learn something new, spend more time cooking, or use creativity for good. Be in the moment and make time matter. Make small matter.

"We can't change what happens, but we can change how we deal with it."

We’re very privileged that we can afford ourselves this time for reflection. However, we are aware of the severe impact that the coronavirus has on the community and our partners, both economically and on a personal level. Our heart goes out to everyone affected and we wish everyone a swift and full recovery. In the coming period, we will remain in close contact and tackle this crisis in a positive manner together.

Happy to help

You can still shop online and we are committed to continuing to provide exceptional service on secrid.com. Please keep in mind returns and repairs may be delayed during these uncertain times.

Our customer care team is working remotely and remains happy to help. Reach them via phone +31(0)70 390 21 80 or mail info@secrid.com to answer any question or just for a chat.

Stay safe and let’s do this together.

The Secrid team