coinpocket secrid wallet accessory
Coinpocket with Miniwallet Matte Night Blue & Orange

Coinpocket: the next evolution for all our wallets

Our customers and retailers desired a slim and modular way to carry coins and other small essentials with their Secrid wallets. Appreciating this need, we initiated the development of Coinpocket.

The development journey of the Coinpocket can be considered a highlight of our ‘Industrial Evolution’ philosophy: we aim to create products that are not only superior to, but also more sustainable and valuable than their predecessors.

  • coinpocket secrid wallet accessory
  • coinpocket secrid wallet accessory
We ‘tumble tested’ the Coinpocket with rough materials
We have designed according to market demand and have repeatedly validated and analysed the design with users and stores

A Product of Research and Consumer-driven Needs 

The development started at the beginning of 2022. Refining the initial concept, we went through four designs before settling on one final design for further in-depth investigation and tests. From this design we created over 30 versions as well as many prototypes and conducted four extensive user tests.

Due to this research, we were able to devise the multiple useful features of the Coinpocket. First of all, there’s the patented origami-inspired folding system. We designed it to maintain the slim form factor of our wallets, at the same time providing ample space for coins and other small
essentials such as keys and earrings. Adding to the Coinpocket’s practicality is its transparent construction. This allows you to effortlessly see its contents at a glance.

What’s more, we had the product in mind as a retrofit from the outset. The Coinpocket, in other words, integrates with any Secrid wallet you already own or plan to purchase in the future. It even fits into the first wallets from 2010. 

coinpocket secrid wallet accessory

Tried and Tested to Exceed Expectations

Besides researching, we spent a lot of time on testing. Our dedicated team, both internally and within the broader Secrid community, collaborated during the user testing phase to ensure that the Coinpocket met and exceeded our expectations. Also, we wanted to guarantee that Coinpocket would weather the test of time. 

We for example ‘tumble tested’ the Coinpocket with rough materials, including coins, to assure its structural integrity. Its movement mechanism has withstood a staggering 18,000 test cycles, equivalent to using it five times a day for ten years. In addition, we have made sure it can withstand heat up to 80°C and cold down to -15°C. So, whether you accidentally leave your wallet on a scorching hot car dashboard or take it with you on a skiing trip: your Coinpocket will be fine. 

Sustainability Materialised

In keeping with Secrid's commitment to minimising its ecological footprint, we chose polypropylene (PP) for the Coinpocket; the same material utilised in our existing Moneyflap. Being firm and wear and tear resistant, this material excels in durability while still having a thickness of only 0.3 mm. These material characteristics ensure the Coinpocket’s long lifespan, thus entailing sustainability in choice of material.

At Secrid, our design and development vision aren’t merely focused on the product itself; it encompasses the entire experience. We take a holistic approach, considering sustainability, the assembly process, shipping, and even the packaging: for the Coinpocket, we have deliberately chosen a minimalist design and 100% recycled agricultural waste for the packaging paper. This reduces CO2 emissions due to the smaller overall size of the package and recyclable material. 

coinpocket secrid wallet accessory

Closing the Loop with Coinpocket

The product development journey of the Coinpocket is an example of our commitment to thoughtful design, extensive testing, durable materials, and sustainable practices. Your input and feedback are indispensable elements of the Industrial Evolution as well. So, we’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences with our new Coinpocket. Feel free to share/contact us on our social media channels or through e-mail.

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