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    Track your Secrid wallet with Chipolo's ultra-thin credit card sized tracker. Hundreds of millions of Apple devices create together the biggest network to find your wallet.

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    Safe and slim - find your wallet
    Safe and slim - find your wallet

    After many years of testing we finally found the best tracker in 2022. For those who need a tracker in their Secrid wallet, we recommend the Chipolo CARD Spot. After all, we believe it’s better to find your Secrid wallet than to renew.

    rene van geer
    René van GeerCo-founder
      • Apple Find my

        Locate your Secrid wallet via the Apple Find My app, receive notifications or play sound.  

      • Years battery

        The Chipolo CARD Spot lasts up to 2 years. After life, it can be renewed through Chipolo's Recycle & Renew program.

      • Ultra thin

        As thin as it gets (2,4 mm | 0,09 Inch), the Chipolo CARD spot fits in every Secrid wallet.

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